Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families UK
A 12 step fellowship
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A short summary of the guidelines, which may be useful for onilne conference meetings, can be expressed as:

“Here are the login details for our new online meeting - we operate a waiting room so please arrive early.

There are a couple of guidelines about online meetings to remember:

Dress and behave as you would in a face to face meeting

Make sure there aren’t people near you who could overhear

Keep your microphone muted unless you have been invited to speak or read”

A more detailed guide can be read by downloading the guidelines document - now available here.


For details of already established Skype meetings, please visit our Skype Meetings page

Mens ACOA meeting
Thursday 19.00 PM
Contact Karl
07923 843032

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 3629 2659
Passcode: 12steps

Thursday 7.30 pm-9.00pm
Bradford West Yorkshire ACA meeting

Lorraine 07856 475 163
Andy 07471 100 717
Group email Peter,

Weekly alternating topic.

Week 1 - laundry list, week 2 - strengthening my recovery, week 3 - topic chosen from b.r.b, week 4 - laundry list trait, week 5 - main share or chosen topic.

MEETING ID 912 707 8278

Details of London meetings

For a list of the London meetings that have gone online, as well as additional online meetings, please email

Name: LGBTQI+, Gender Non-Conforming and Community

Day: Sunday

Time: 6pm

Duration: 1hour 30mins

Location: on Zoom at the moment, but we are a London based meeting

Zoom link

New London based meeting added 17 April 2020


To join:
Meeting ID: 856-305-861

No password required. The meeting is secured with a waiting room prior to entry, and a tech monitor being present throughout the meeting.

New online meeting Fridays from 7-8pm
The meeting is new to Zoom from 24 April 2020

We read from the ACA Red Book and share. 

It is a closed meeting that requires you have your video on. The meeting is secured with a waiting room prior to entry and a tech monitor being present throughout the meeting. 

The link is below. 

A password is required and the number to contact for this is 07515 733 142


New meetings.

Saturday 10am: ACAs Food addiction and emotions
Meeting ID: 749-3892-2508
Password: 197410


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