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ACA Meetings

In UK Meetings you will find a list of all UK meetings. If you would like to attend one, please get in touch with the contact person.

Skype Meetings

If you are unable to get to one of our meetings, or maybe you just prefer online meetings anyway, you may be interested in our Skype meetings

Intergroup Meetings

Intergroup ACA UK is the Intergroup serving all UK ACA meetings. Intergroup coordinates Helpline Functions, Literature orders, New Meeting’s support, ACA events, Hospital & Institutions activity and links to the Worldwide Fellowship.

Intergroup is served by elected Trusted Servants: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Information Officers, Literature Secretary, New Meeting Support, Webmaster and an International Rep.

Since our purpose is to serve the Meetings, we encourage all UK meetings to elect a Group Representative to join us at Telephone and Face to Face meetings, to discuss and vote on how we take fellowship business forward.

Next Several Meetings:->
16 September, 21 October, 18 November and 16 December

Attending Intergroup Meetings

ACA UK Intergroup meets once a month on conference call in order to keep the flow of information between the groups as optimal and convenient as possible. The meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month between 5pm and 6pm. In order to keep the commitment as minimal as possible we try not to over-shoot the 6pm limit as far as possible.

All group representatives (GSRs) are encouraged to attend, as well as all the officers of ACA Intergroup and the means of joining the meeting are as follows:-

Dial into the meeting using the Free Conference Call number, 0330 998 1259. The Access code is 851128 followed by the hash sign. Please be advised you will come in muted, press *6 to unmute and mute yourself. To avoid background noise we request that you remain muted

New Meetings 

To get help with registering and setting up your own ACA meeting, please see New meetings
If you are looking to set up a new meeting, but don't yet have enough people to form one, this section of the website will put you in touch with others in your area who would like to form a new meeting.

Change Existing Meeting Details

To change information about an existing meeting, send an email to